Video upload to pinterest fails

Hello guys,

I am trying to connect my pinterest account to upload videos using pinterest API.

This is the how I have it configured:

But I encounter the error when checking if video was uploaded with status = failed

and therefore, creating the pin fails with the following error: * The operation failed with an error. [400] {“code”:1,“message”:“The media processing for the media_id failed”,“details”:{“param_name”:“media_id”}}

I have tried to look in pinterest doc why would a video fail but cannot find it anywhere, tried different videos, and I have a 250s delay between the upload of the video and the pin creation to ensure video uploads, but none of this is working.

If someone could help, I will be very grateful

Thank you very much in advance and have a very nice day!

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I’m struggling with this too. Have you managed this?

Hello, yes I managed. Problem was when getting the file, I did an http instead of an http get file request and everything solved. I get error 201 from time to time when accessing pinterest API to request the video upload but I think it is an issue on Pinterest side.


Hello @jdel54 :wave:

just wanted to step in and congratulate you for solving this problem on your own! Great job, truly. :muscle:

Thank you very much for sharing the solution with us. This way other members can benefit from it while dealing with similar issues.

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i’m struggling with same issue i tired http, and pinterest api call but nothing seems to work, can you tell how can i manage to upload a video file from google drive to pinterest

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