Webflow webhook, advice needed :(

Hey community!

I have a scenario that tracks CMS Items changes. I have a router that sends data to the needed branch but the problem is that I have a huge amount of CMS Items updates - and this scenario gets “1 action” activations, since webhook triggers update in any CMS Collection.
Here you can see how it works:

Here’s to visualize my problem, I’m getting a ton of these “1 action” runnings:

If you have any thoughts/ideas of how I can replace it, or just recreate it normally, please let me know here, I’d really appreciate that help.
Thank you community!

Hi @Elisei,

One solution that might work for you is to replace the webhook with a polling module (List/Search). Then schedule the automation to run depending on how responsive you need your automation to be.

Let me know if this works for you.

P.S. I would suggest labeling your routes/filters, it will make your life easier in the future


Thank you for your answer, but it seems it won’t work or I understood it wrong way.
The problem is that I need to track updates of 110 constant items in 6 Collection lists and once something is changed - it should be sent to Airtable.
I wish Webflow API have option to track exact CMS Collection, not all of them :frowning:

And thank you for your suggestion!

Would using the List Items module work? Then using a date modified filter to determine what has been updated?


Hmm, it makes sense, but will need to separate that scenario to 6 unique ones.
I will explore more how it’s possible to filter outcomes by date/time in such cases.
Thank you!

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