Webhook Module - Access parameters from webhook

Hello everyone!
When creating a webhook we have two parts the Webhook and the Module - Webhook Triger.
I have a case where when I create a webhook I use in the ATTACH a parameter.

Is there a way to access that parameter in the module trigger?


Are you referring to the headers that the hook is sent from the source? If you edit the webhook settings and toggle “Retrieve headers” (I think that’s the setting name), that should output the headers you need?


it is related to app development in make, more specifically when creating webhooks modules.

I see, @luke.ifonly_solution would be a great person to ask for sure

Hi @tiberiu,

It is possible to output parameters from your ATTACH section and reuse them in your module or RPC’s. (Attached - Make Apps)

The webhook collection with webhook’s data is also accessible in regular remote procedure calls if the call is processed in context of an Instant Trigger. For example if you create a dynamic interface for an Instant Trigger based on parameters entered when webhook was created.

For example,
If this is the code of your ATTACH section

    "url": "<your-url>",
    "method": "POST",
    "body": {
        "url": "{{webhook.url}}"
    "response": {
        "data": {
            "webhookUrl": "{{webhook.url}}"

Then you’re able to access the webhookUrl by using the webhook collection

    "response": {
        "output": {
          "data": "{{body}}",
		  "webhookUrl": "{{webhook.webhookUrl}}"

Hope this answers your question!


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Thanks a lot Glenn! I tried something similar and it was not working, I will try again.
Kind regards