Webhook payload to gmail

Hi guys,

I have a webhook payload that looks like this.

But when I want to see the specific field values on the gmail they do not get showed.

How can I fix this?

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This is because field_values is an array.

To be able to individually map the values, you’ll need to first convert it to a collection using the toCollection built-in function.


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I tried this, but didn’t work

How should I use this tool?

Hey There @Esben , try using the get() function to extract the name and values out of the ‚Äúfield_values‚ÄĚ array .
Example - get(data.field_values;‚Äúraw name of the name field‚ÄĚ),
let me know if this helps.

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The name and value is a plain text string. You do not add any mapped variables.

Please follow my screenshot exactly.


How do I then choose between the values?

Your variable name field is incorrect. Type it in, following my screenshot.


tage one saying ‚Äú1.data.field_values‚ÄĚ right? How do I set that in like you have done?

Only for that variable, you select it from the variables list. The rest has to be typed in manually.



This is the output I get

And this is the options I have for adding the values

Make sure you do not have any spaces before or after the value.


isnt this correct?
Skærmbillede 2024-01-11 kl. 13.44.17

this is how it looks when I run the module

Skærmbillede 2024-01-11 kl. 13.47.38

You can’t run the module only. Try setting each variable like this

{{first(map(1.field_values; "value"; "name"; "Namen"))}}

{{first(map(1.field_values; "value"; "name"; "Bestellnummer"))}}

{{first(map(1.field_values; "value"; "name"; "Email"))}}

{{join(first(map(1.field_values; "value"; "name"; "Grund")); ", ")}}


How do I add this???

made it work! Thank you so much


If I want to upload a picture that comes with the webhook output how can I the do it? The output image is a link to the picture. But can I somehow download it and the upload it?

How does the picture get sent over the webhook? Is it binary data or a URL?

If it’s a URL you can use HTTP Get a File module.


Hi again, Make didn’t let me answer yesterday.

how can I make this webhook output

Be the output of this tool

If this makes sense