Webhook WPforms does not send any data through to Make!

Hi guys,

I am completely done finding out what I have to do. There’s no proper tutorials or whatsoever on this particular connection. I am working with WPForms webhook, which should allow me to simply send form data to Make.

The problem is that it keeps sending an empty bundle of data to Make. The webhook is running, it does connect and send something, but that something is completely empty. I do not know what to do anymore. I tried to find explanation on those headers and body shit, but nothing specific to find anywhere to help me out. Check the 2 screenshots for further details.

How do I get this webhook properly run and actually send the form data to Make?

God bless the person who knows the solution!! :pray:

I will be so grateful if anyone knows the fix…

Thanks for advance for your help community,

  • Rob Huttinga

Hi @Bamboologic,

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In WPForms settings of the webhook, set the request method to POST.



Hey @Bamboologic

You will need to change the request from GET to POST, as you are sending the form data to webhook in make.


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@Anshul_Soni @Henk-Operative

God bless your souls! I tested this before and it took so long for the data to come in. I waited now for 6 minutes and it worked!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you guys.