Webook response necessary?

Is it necessary to have a response to a webhook at all? I have a form that sends webhook in, have an app in step 2 that does the task, I had one that redirected to thank you page on the form, but I am doing that now in my form/funnel by just going to next step after they submit… So do i have to have a response? I changed it to 200 - and the scenario worked, but about 5 minutes after I got * [400]

  • Automatic failure response was sent to the webhook.

Edit: also - when i had it 302 - redirected to thank you page, even though my funnel was directing them to right place, i was still getting the 400 error, but only sometimes, sometimes it was “success” but EVERY Time the task got done even if got error.

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This is because your front-end web app is ignoring the response sent by your scenario webhook, so in this specific case it appears you don’t really need a response module.

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Hi @Marshall_Gilliam

Webhook response is only needed if you redirect the user to another link or html page. In your case, you are using thank you page in your form. Hence, you don’t need the response webhook.

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