Webpage automation similar to Axiom.ai

i need to automate the logging into a website. Username and password are static. The data for the actual page submission will be dynamic and come from AirTable. I found 99% of what I need with Axiom.ai, but it is that last 1% that is the most crucial. Below is a screen capture of the automation I created with Axiom.ai. What I need is the PDF that is downloaded at the end of the script. Axiom is not able to accomplish this without going to their highest tier and even then, the solution isn’t ideal. I have been looking at a bunch of other webpage crawling packages, and there is a lot, but was hoping someone had experience with a similar situation and could tell me what they used.


for bulk process i I take this approach with “selenium”. but use this with make.com(webhooks and http module) to just double this efficiency.

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Is this the platform you are referring to? https://www.selenium.dev