What are the differences between custom_fields_original and custom_fields in the ClickUp App

When I use the ClickUp “List all tasks” action, there are two structures in my my output bundle : one collection “custom_fields” and one array “custom_fields_original”. The collection contains most usefull shortcup (item that I can drag and drop to destination fields) BUT it is not exhaustive : it contains only a small shortlist of my CU Customs fields. I have no idea where is that shortlist decided (why one field and not another). I tried reordering Customs fields on the CU side, but with effect on the Make side). The custom_fields_original arrays looks like the way to go, but it requires much more function writing to get to the same data.
Would someone know how to influence the content of the custom_fields collection?

Hi @pvk,

Welcome to the community! Can you show us what the output bundle of the List all Tasks module looks like? I am not familiar with what you receive.

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