What to do when there's no reauthorize connection button for an application?

I’m trying to reauthorize a connection for SMS Alert and there’s no reauthorize button as you can see in the below/attached? screenshot. Do I have to delete the connection and set it up again from scratch? And if I do this, do I need to do anything to make all the scenarios that contain an SMS Alert module function?

Bottom line: I’m trying to make the SMS Alert connection function again without the need to do any substantial editing of associated scenarios. My biggest fear is that I’ll be consumed testing and re-testing all scenarios containing SMS Alert modules just to get them to work again.

Additional info: I changed the password which is why the connection is failing in the applicable scenarios. Do I need to create a new one anyway?

Hello @Lou_Dietrich and welcome to the Make Community!

I don’t know exactly how to advise you on this, but I’m curious what the correct answer is.

Here is what I believe… the Reauthorize is only for OAuth connections where you need to log on to the service through another site. SMS Alert asks for your username and password within Make and doesn’t use OAuth.

It kind of boggles my mind that it asks for your username and password because according to the API docs they use API Keys.
It may just be a case of an old module that needs to be updated to start using API Keys.

I would suggest creating a separate SMS Alert user (if possible), dedicated to Make Automations and just try not to change the password.
Once the password changes or new account is created, you’ll need to create a new SMS Alert connection using the new account/password, then change your modules to use the new connection.

Make has a Chrome Extension called the Integromat Dev Tool which has a Swap Connection function that allows you change the connection on just one SMS Alert module and the tool will make that change to all modules from the same app in the current scenario.

Hope that helps!


Hey Donald, thanks for your insightful reply. It made me realize that I just need to click to Add a connection in one module only ~ which did prompt for username and password. But once that’s done once it’s available for all other modules. That was pretty simple.

And I’m glad I had this problem because despite the Reauthorize function appearing to work when I updated Airtable, in reality it wasn’t working. So I just went ahead and created another connection as with SMS Alert.

Thanks so much for your help!