What's the minimum $ cost (outside of make) to use AI platforms in scenarios?

I’ve been trying make for a couple of days, but haven’t seen any information regarding this: what’s the minimum cost outside make involved in using AI platforms such as ChatGPT or Perplexity in scenarios? For ChatGPT, I’m not sure if a Plus account is needed, but I do need to have API access, and that requires a sub on their end, same for Perplexity.

Any insight about this? Or are there other AI platforms that work with make that doesn’t require any type of subscription?

Hi @adrchen,

Welcome to the Make community! I am not sure what insights you expect from us. Which AI and which plan you have to use, fully depends on your demands and use-case.

So yes, you need API access. Check for plans include this kind of access. I doubt there are AI platforms that offer API access for free or even without subscription.


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@Henk-Operative Thanks for the insight! Yeah, for now just trying to see the potential, so it will have a cost and it will depend in the load.

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