Who will be at the event in Múnich 13th november?

Hello everybody!

My brother and I own an e-commerce company doing about 1M revenue per year (growing rapidly, started just 1.5 years ago) with only 3 FTE’s (including my brother and myself).

All of our automations are done with make, and we do about 40.000 operations per month with make, so (almost) everything that can be automated is automated ;).

We run everything with notion and make.com.

Thanks to make for that. However, I would like to discover more about the possibilities with ai, and automating processes which I haven’t managed to automate - yet.

Things like product research, part of our supply chain, images/listings creation for new products and the texts are a few examples of it.

So I hope to meet some cool people at the event in Munich experienced with automating more advanced topics using ai.

Let me know if you’ll be there, I’d love to talk!

Sebastian - owner of kwali.eu and stockflow.ai


Hi Sebastian, I am thinking about coming to the event, but not sure. I am based in London, but could be an opportunity to meet like minded people. I full-time as an automation and integration expert.

Maybe I will see you there!


Hey man for sure! I’m flying from Bulgaria for this event so it better be worthit ;).

Maybe see you there mate let me know deffo!