Why don't emails from Make contain the organisation name?

I look after around 8 different Make orgs, and it’s really frustrating to try to figure out what org an email relates to. I received one today with some coupons from an org migration, and I have no idea which org it relates to. I also have this issue with

This doesn’t seem like it would be a major thing to implement, but it would make life a lot easier. It works on the error emails I get, just not on the other automated ones.

Heya @David_Smith welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We 100% value your input and would like to understand the specific emails that you’re referring to so that we can investigate.

Could you kindly share the subject line(s) of the email(s) that you found challenging? I will pass this information on to our team, and we will work together to find ways to enhance them.

Thanks a lot!