Woocommerce Create a Product Image Issues - Please Help!

Okay everyone here is what I’m attempting to do …

I have an airtable base for tracking my stores products. I’m building an automation to create a new woocommerce product based off of the information on the Airtable base. I got most of it mapped pretty easily besides the creation of the Product Tags and Product Images. For my product images I have the feature image, and then 4 additional “Sample” images. Each are their own attachment column in Airtable.

My major issue breaks down with the upload of the Product Images. I’ve done my research and found three ways to get to what I’m trying to do. I’ll explain them below, along with where the system breaks down …

  1. I upload each image to Wordpress so that I can assign the media file URL as the image url in the Product Creation. Issue is that when I do this as an “Add image” it will upload another version of the file I’ve already uploaded. So I have duplicates which is not what I want. I follow these steps below to get to that.

“HTTP Get a File” which pulls the image from my airtable → “Create Media Item” from the image pulled to “HTTP Get a File” → “Create Product” where I use the www.mysite.com/uploads/Media File URL as the “Add image” (No mapping). Issue is that any Image URL I put ends up uploading an additional copy of the media file to my Wordpress. Something I don’t want.

  1. SO with that in mind I tried mapping the image(s) using the process above (I would be uploading 5 each time). However my attempt to map any detail about the Wordpress media I uploaded in earlier steps ether produced an error or simply didn’t upload to the product when created. No feature image, no product images. Nothing. I can’t find any documentation about what specifically the mapping for images needs to be. Not a single thread of help. So if you have ideas please let me know

  2. Another route I pursued was to upload the photos somewhere else, and use those URLs for the image URLs when creating the product. Issue there is Airtable doesn’t have a universal file url. So I can’t just use the attachment URL. There is no file type attached and if I try a download link it simply sends me an amazon services redirect link. I tried google drive, but same error. There is no specific file link. Woocommerce Create a Product requires a .jpg or other image URL. so www.yoursite.com/filename.jpg for it to work. Are there any internal Make.com actions that could achieve this?

I’m out of Ideas at this point. Has anyone figured this out yet? Searching gives me very little information. I’m new to Make.com so I could be missing something very simple. My goal is to take 5 images from Airtable and use them to create a product and have them be the featured image plus 4 additional product images. I don’t really care how I have to get there haha

Thank you in advanced