Woocommerce fields are not showing up in the next step

Hi, I am trying to connect woocommerce oders to lexoffice and transfer special remarks.
However, the problem is, I cannot see (and therefore not choose) all the woocommerce metadata displayed on the output of the woo module on the input side of the next one. I did a more simple example with just a text output:

This is how it looks if I try to choose this values as text input:

Why are all the items missing?

Hello @Christoph_Hillen

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We can only see the first collection here; to use all the collections, use an iterator.

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That was easy, thanks!


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It looks like you have a nesting of three arrays. You can either get a specific item from within an array using the built-in function map, or you can use Array Iterator module(s) to properly go through each item in an array.

For more information, see


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