WooCommerce Irregular Errors

Good morning community,

We use MAKE to orchastrate our business processes between WooCommerce and Zoho Books. Recently (in the past week) irregular errors are starting to appear in the WooCommerce modules.

  1. Post from WooCommerce via webhook and then trying to retrieve the Order or User via WooCommerce GET modules result in errors such as “invalid module output. expected object, but found string”. I have traced this to Cloudflare and it seems there might be a missing egress IP address. my cloudflare whitelist list contains all of the published MAKE whitelist addresses https://www.make.com/en/help/connections/allowing-connections-to-and-from-make-ip-addresses.
  2. In the past, i could create a new order or user and have the META data items attached as part of the create process. Since these irregular issues reared heads, I now have to first create the object, and then update the object with the neccesary meta data fields.

Any ideas?

Managed to trace the call block to Imunify360 implemented by our hosting company.


Hello @OckertCameron :wave:

just wanted to quickly jump in and congratulate you for the good job you performed while finding a solution to your issue.

Also, thank you greatly for keeping the community clean and neat and sharing your ideas here with us. We truly appreciate it :pray:

Keep up the good job!

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