Wordpress Page Update via API

I have a very strange problem, and hope someone has a solution.

First, let me say: It is NOT a Cache Problem, that was absolutely ruled out.

What I do is the following:

I retrieve via Wordpress Module and the Method “Get a Post” a Page from my Wordpress Installation. I search for a Text for the HTML Code in the Content REPLACEME (marked as HTML Comment) and replaced this with “REPLACEME LIPSOM UMRU” with REPLACEME again markes as HTML Comment. Then I send it via the Wordpress Module back using the Method “Update a Post” the modified Content back. I copy other Information like Date, Title, Slug, etc as they stay unchanged.

Wordpress use Enfold Theme via AVIA and the Advanced Editor.

So, the Problem is:

I did not see the change neither in the Backend or in the Frontend. BUT the Change IS their. I see it, when I use the Revision-Feature of the Wordpress Backend. It clearly show that in the last Revision (with the Author Developer) the change is in the HTML-Code, but it is not reflected in the Editor of the Backend or the Frontend.

As I said, it is now a Cache Problem and not a HTML-Coding Problem. In case I send a 2nd Change via the Wordpress Module, I see both Changes in the last two Revisions in the Backend. Did I choose now the previous Revision and click “Restore Revision”, the Editor in the Backend and the Frontend now show my original Changes, that I send.

It sounds strange, but it seems as Wordpress or AVIA/Enfold did not “publish” the change, even when I send the Status Publish. I tried already to update the Date or set the modifiedDate via Advanced Settings - all this Changes are seen in the Backend Editor (like for example the new Date), but the Content cannot be seen even when Wordpress clearly is aware of the Change internally (see Revisions).

ANY idea what can cause the problem and what I can do ?


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Please refer to the API documentation of AVIA, or submit a bug report to the developers of AVIA, as it appears that the plugin may have changed Wordpress default functionality that might have conflicted with the API/Wordpress Core.

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