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I am creating a Wordpress post from Make, I insert heading, image and text. But can’t get a featured image id reference automatically to create the same image as the uploaded image on the post and blog page.

Best I have achieved is finding a number at the end of (some) of the existing media images and hard coding this in, this displays an image but is not automatic.

Anyone got any insights to how to do this?

Welcome to the Make community!

You can try using this module to get existing images:


You can use this to fetch the post data (which may contain the featured post image):


If you need further assistance, could you provide the following?

1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

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2. Scenario blueprint

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Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

3. And most importantly, Output bundles

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Uploading: Capture.JhPG.JPG…
Bonjour a tous, je me permets de re-poster sur ce topique, car il décrit bien ce problème et bien qu’étant incomplet, il mériterait quelques précisions,
Uploading: Capture.JhPG.JPG…
Comme Rod_Shérif, je ne parviens pas à faire publier automatiquement une image provenant de dalle en vedette sur mon blog wordpress.
Pensez-vous que mon scénario plus haut, en est la cause ?


Hello @Quentin15022000 welcome to the community :wave:

I translated your question to English since that’s the official language of the community. By keeping the shared content in one language, we give everybody the chance to step in and help you.

:us: Translation:

Hello everyone, I’m reposting on this topic because it describes this issue well, and although it’s incomplete, it deserves some clarification.
Like Rod_Sheriff, I can’t manage to automatically publish an image from the featured slab on my WordPress blog.
Do you think that my scenario described earlier might be the cause?

Thank you.

Also, the images you attached are not showing. Could you maybe reupload them?

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Hello Michaela, thank you for your kindness, I’ll stay glued to my computer until I find a solution with the community. Images updated