2 Drive folders, want to take one file link from each folder and put it in one airtable record


I have two google drive folders (folder1; folder 2) with 5 files in each. My airtable has the following fields:

name; file url 1; file url 2

Now i want my scenario to grab 1 file url from each folder and pass them into the same record on airtable. Reapeating until all files have been paired together in 5 single airtable records.

the way i set it up now is giving me the response you can see in the attached picture. ‘Field 1’ is correct, for every url a record, but in ‘field 2’ it*s putting 5 times the same link and then move on and do another 5 records with the second link and so on.

How can i fix this, i think it is a simple solution but i might learn it from you.



Can you share the scenario screenshot on how you have currently set it up at the moment?

The current problem from the output is that Your First GDrive Scenario results in 5 results, after which you are using the second one, which will also result in 5 results. So, In total 25 records will be created in Airtable.

Not sure how you have set up, so a screenshot will be helpful, but, If I were to do it assuming that both the folders will have the same number of files you can set this up like this,

  1. First GDrive Search/List File in Folder Module
  2. Put an array aggregator immediately after that and grab the URL in the Aggregator Outupt
  3. Out your other GDrive Module after the Aggregator
  4. Now in Airtable, you can use the last GDrive URL to fetch the first GDrive result using get function in Make, So your scenario will look something like this

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You can modify your scenario as follows:

Use the “List Files” module for each Google Drive folder to retrieve the list of files in each folder. Set the module to fetch all files in the respective folders.
Add an “Iterator” module after each “List Files” module. This will iterate over the files in the folders.
Inside the Iterator, add the “Create a Record” module for Airtable. Map the “name” field in Airtable to any desired value or field from the file object (such as file name or any other relevant information).
In the same “Create a Record” module, map “file url 1” field to the “Download URL” output from the first “List Files” module.
Add a “Set Variable” module after the first “Create a Record” module. Set the variable to store the value of the “Download URL” output from the first “List Files” module.
In the second “Create a Record” module, map the “file url 2” field to the variable you set in the previous step.
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Hey thanks for the answer, i was already thinking about something like this but i think i put the wrong values in there. Because when i run it it now only fills out field 2 and 1 stays empty.

In the Airtable tool the “bundle order position” thing changes to this IMTINDEX thing.

What am i missing? Thanks for your time!


Thanks for your reply, however i cannot find a “list files” Module in Google Drive. The only thing that sounds familiar is “List file revisions” but that module is asking for a specific file ID , a folder is not enough.

Could you add screenshots or a link to the scenario so i can see what you are doing?

Thanks for your time!