4-byte big-endian format

  • HI guys, I’m trying to replicate this in make but I’m not sure of which functions to use. Can anyone help me out here?
    Message Length: struct.pack("!I", len(text.encode())) converts the length of the original message to a 4-byte big-endian integer.

My message length is 50 which is derived from using length({message_length})
Now i need to convert it to a 4-byte big-endian format which the result is something like this “\x00\x00\x00>”

How do I replicate this in make? Greatly appreciated if anyone could help me out

I have never seen any Make functions that can do this, but if there’s a way to do this in JavaScript then you may be able to call one of the external services to run the code off the Make platform and return the result.

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Looks like you’ll benefit from actually running some code, so that you can complete all of this in a single module.

Usually when I want to run JavaScript, I’ll use the

  • 0CodeKit “Run JavaScript JS-Code” module, or

  • Custom JS “Execute a Custom Javascript” module

There may be other integrations supporting other coding languages, but I’m only familiar with JS.

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