How to run JavaScript or Python Code

We will show you the 4 ways how to run Javascript or Python in Make.

  1. Use AWS Lambda and find more infos here: Boost Your Airtable Automation with AWS Lambda + API Gateway | by Yongjoon Kim | AWS Tip same applies for Make. You basically invoke a function with code in Lambda.
  2. Google cloud functions full how-to: Using JavaScript with Integromat | by John Thomson | Medium
  3. Use Pipedream you do a http request from Make to Pipedream - you can use this template:
  4. You can use 1saas in Make and insert your code there.

Feel free to post other ideas how to run code.


Hello @Wemakefuture
Thank for the sharing
I use cloudflare workers. That is a good way to deploy quickly :
=> Cloudflare Workers documentation · Cloudflare Workers docs
I’ve tried this module too : CustomJs

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I like how make up for a missing feature. Thanks for sharing.


Another way is to use a system like PythonAnywhere and run code there that is invoked through an ssh module. Standard out from your pythoncode can return data back to Make via ssh too.


great idea! Python boys in the house!

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@optimal_prime you can run Python in 1SaaS Python even with custom pip3 modules if needed.

Looks like I’m going to need to try this because I can’t login to my server via the SSH module anymore. I upgraded to the latest Ubuntu and made the fatal error of allowing it to reset the sshd config file.

Now I just get this error and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can change in the Make module to fix it.

sshd[39522]: Unable to negotiate with port 7013: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-rsa,ssh-dss [preauth]

I’m losing my mind, it’s been hours trying to figure this out.

Googled it for you and came up with this.

1 Like allows to execute Javascript, but only in cases when you need this Javascript for some complex post-processing of arbitrary HTML of a scraped website - and this, I think, is one of the major use cases of custom JS code with Make. Here is a video showcasing ScrapeNinja Javascript extractors launched by Make, to extract data from websites and putting this data into Google Sheets:
Web Scraping in Google Sheets: I replaced importXML with Make (Integromat) and ScrapeNinja - YouTube

Thanks for the effort, but it didn’t change anything on the SSH/Make side of things.

However, on my local machine, it is working again without needing to type the password in, so at least there’s progress!

Thanks again

There is no free way to use Javascript code in ?

You can use 1SaaS gets you 25 executions for free.

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There are many Javascript functions for array, string and date manipulation, but there is no way to write custom Javascript code and execute it directly from a Make module. There are lots of ways around this but all involve third party approaches.

Make is a nocode/locode tool so the real question is why would you want to write custom Javascript if Make itself can do quite a bit already without needing to call Javascript.


Well custom JavaScript functions are coming to make on the enterprise plans only it seems.


It would be very comfortable to have them inside of make. But only on enterprise plans does not help a lot of my customers.


Autocode is another good alternative!
It’s a low-code platform that allows one to ship very flexible Node APIs, what could run simple functions or even complex processing.

In their free plan one get 10 projects, which can have several endpoints each.
Its setup should be easier than the cloud providers mentioned (GPC and AWS), and yet equally powerful.

Besides that, one of its core features is the facility to use their lib on code to smoothly integrate with some services (similar on how is done through Make Apps and Modules), turning it into a yet more useful tool.

I’m using that!
Let me know if you try

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Hello, Liora

How do you use Cloudflare workers with Make?

Thanks for your help

I had just started learning Make to migrate from Zapier until I read this.

This is quite dumb to reserve such a basic feature that’s available in every major alternatives (at least the ones I know well, Zapier / n8n) for an enterprise plan.

This is the feature that saves the day when the nocode modules are insufficient, and it’s certainly not acceptable to endure complexity through external integrations (cf workers, aws lambda or whatever) for this.

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Totally agree with syffs. I was also in the process of migrating all my clients to Make, but the lack of this feature is seriously impacting my consideration of doing so.

I was trying 1saas or 0CodeKit, but I also don’t understand how to actually add the dynamic variables that you get from other apps as the input of the Python code. Does anyone know how to do that?


Totally agree with the need for a JS module. There are some simple operations that, despite being very simple, are not covered by any of the modules in Make.