🥳 6 Months of the Make Community

Hey Makers :wave: :tada:

Six months ago, we opened the community door to the public. It may not seem like a long time but so many things have happened!

I am writing this post to remind us of the fun we’ve had and the valuable stuff that’s been shared. Let’s celebrate 6 months of this helpful space you’re all helping to build.

:1234: Everybody loves numbers

Since we officially launched the community, we’ve seen

:person_red_hair: 2.6k Makers sign up
:question: 1.3k conversations started
:speech_balloon: 4.9k replies posted
:white_check_mark: 305 marked solutions

:popcorn: Most popular threads

Introductions Thread → check it out
Most useful functions–> check it out
How to use regex in Make?–> check it out

:trophy: A huge shout-out of absolute appreciation to our community leaders


You are every Community Manager’s dream :purple_heart:

Thank you for making the community the place it is, and for always striving to improve it.

:nerd_face: A bunch of cool things that happened

:star2: we introduced newly released apps on Make in our Monthly App Digest series

:star2: we witnessed the launch of WhatsApp Business & System and Custom Variables on Make

:star2: we learned a bunch of tips and tricks from the Make Bot

:star2: we published the first episode of our series on using functions on Make

:star2: we got inspired by a whole bunch of Make partners and their ability to make things happen through automation

:star2: we checked out tutorials on working with Airtable, Gmail, Google Sheets, Notion & Google Calendar, and Telegram

:star2: we learned how to use the features of the Make Community to our benefit

:star2: we hosted our first live session and covered some tips & tricks related to FB Lead Ads

:star2: we celebrated Star Wars Day, Comic Con Anniversary, and Halloween

:star2: @Virgile_Donadieu shared a bunch of cool marketing automation templates with us

:star2: @zezutom showed us how to manage scenarios from code base, how to manage scenarios from code with Java and Kotlin client and how to send customized email notifications to Slack

:star2: @Mitch-PragmaFlow.com shared a tutorial on auto-blogging new podcast episodes to Wordpress

:star2: @alex.newpath created a tutorial that covers extracting contact field metadata information from WildApricot

:star2: @Automation_Lab shared a tutorial on sending WhatsApp messages with Make

:star2: @MichaelStranks taught us how to start a scenario with a ‘set multiple variables’ step

:star2: @AndyDaSilva52 shared a ClickUp template that helps you edit tasks that are overdue

:star2: @Ruben showed us how he catches new offers on AppSumo and shares them in Telegram

:star2: @Mohamed_Jouher showed us how to use the Get(Map) function

:star2: @ChrisDrit shared how to use Make data structures to filter the Webflow CMS

:star2: @Wemakefuture showed us how to run JavScript or Python Code in Make

:star2: @andyoneil shared how to use data store as a data buffer to prevent lost webhook data and how to dynamically filter records to remove duplicates

:star2: @Yiddy_Schwartz showed us how to copy a Google Drive template folder with all its subfolders

:star2: @luke.ifonly_solution shared a video that walks through how to create a custom app

It has been one fun ride with all of you folks!

Thank you so much for sticking around and for taking part in our quest to create a helpful, supportive space where we can all learn from one another :purple_heart:

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