Extract an Item from Array | Get and Map Function | Make Beginners Guide

Are you a beginner? Learn in just 10 mins how to extract an item from an array based on a label using Get() and Map() functions.


This is one of the more important data manipulation techniques to learn. Well done.

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Brilliant stuff Jouher :purple_heart:

Thank you so much for creating the video and for sharing it with the community. The get-map function is often a life-saver so the more folks know about it the better!

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WOW this is so helpful!!! Thank you so much!!

I have been trying to learn Iterators and Arrays and got close, but wasn’t using the map function, I was using the iterator to extract values from arrays and then using Set Variables.

Going to try it this way. Thanks again, looking forward to more!


Thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to comment on our video as well

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