Learning Make Automations

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I’m sure folks will jump in with more recommendations in no time but here are my two cents.

Worth checking out

Alex pointing out a couple of tutorials (you may have already gone over them, though:

:purple_circle: Make help docs have lots of tutorials

A bunch of video recommendations:

:purple_circle: Does Make Have Step-by-Step Video Tutorials?
:purple_circle: Training sessions

A whole lotta wisdom has already been shared in the community. A couple of picks:
:purple_circle: Extract an Item from Array | Get and Map Function | Make Beginners Guide
:purple_circle: πŸŽ“ [Getting Started with Functions p. 1] General Functions
:purple_circle: πŸŽ“ [Getting Started with Functions p. 2] Math Functions
:purple_circle: πŸŽ“ [Getting Started With Functions p. 3] Date Functions
:purple_circle: How to filter data? (Routes & Filters)
:purple_circle: How to use Regex in Make?
:purple_circle: πŸ€– Bot Questions: Item data types explained? - #4 by alex.newpath
:purple_circle: πŸ€– What are the most useful functions in Make and some examples of using them?
:purple_circle: The ultimate Make Documentation Topic

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