Make help docs have lots of tutorials

Sometimes it’s fun to learn by following along with a set of tutorials. If you head on over to the Make docs you’ll find a set of very detailed tutorials. Within these tutorials a variety of functions, mapping exercise and basic and intermediate make features will be featured.

Highly recommended to just read or try to get more familiar and comfortable with make.


Thanks so much for pointing these out, Alex! :pray:

I just wanted to add that we’re working on creating more educational content that would help our users take full advantage of the platform. We’ll totally share this content with the community once it’s all done and ready to go :slight_smile:

In the meantime, everyone’s most welcome to let me know what sort of Make-related topics/concepts they’d like to learn more about!

Yup, very hands-on and top quality. I also appreciate the docs explaining key concepts. Especially the section on scenarios and how to make apps. :pray:

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I think it would be awesome if they would create a list of examples for the general functions. I think this could help a lot of people to discover using the formula’s and regex and solve common problems.


Hi @Michaela, speaking of creating edu content. I would like to contribute a new tutorial. Are there any guidelines? I mean, I want to make it as easy as possible for the maintainers to review my post and either approve of it or provide feedback for improvements. Thanks for your help.

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I really appreciated my consultation with a Make Expert. Really helped me see the potential of Make and it gave me the push to tackle it and setup my first Scenario. Before I found it very intimidating to get started.


@zezutom How great to hear that you’re interested in sharing a tutorial with the community! Thanks a lot for that; brilliant stuff :pray: Regarding the guidelines → We’re currently putting them together but I could totally share what we have with you. I’ll DM you and we can discuss this in more detail if you like :slight_smile:

@J_Terrell That’s awesome news that the consultation with an expert helped! Feel free to keep the community posted on the progress you’re making :nerd_face:

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