Use manual or app guide to describe what all modules in Make can achieve

i guess something like this exists somewhere but i have not been able to see it anywhere.
I am looking for a list of all apps in Make with a description of what they do and a short set up example and use case.

This would be extremely helpful to beginners and even savvy Makers when they search for a recipe.

Any pointer to such a guide…

Hey @bernard
You can find all the applications in this link : Apps


Do note that not all modules have a description, Make needs to update their documentation to properly describe each module and their parameters.

e.g.: not limited to Notion – the modules are listed, but no documentaion on each specific module


thanks a lot guys, this is very good, took me a while just to browse through all…

If you want to learn more about Make, you can read up in the Help Center. I also recommend doing the tutorials in the Make Academy, and learn advanced skills like how to make custom apps to any API in the Make Partner Training Portal - both have certificates for successful completion.


thanks Samliew,
I did the 3 certifications in Make academy, they are quite basic and don’t go into detail much.
Then i did the partner certification, i also have foundation, basic and intermediate but this is more comprehensive… I am in advance now but it is a lot to absorb…
this community is great…

by the way, i posted this as well… how do you enter a , as separator in a split function?
the samples show a red , used to separate elements, but if i type a comma in any format, it is not accepted, just as text but not separator

sorry i was wrong, it does work

No problem, glad I could help!

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