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Apologies if this already exists, I’m new to Make (and loving it!).

Being the only person at my company who understands IT things, if I am not here, and something stops working, how will anyone be able to fix it? Even if we hire someone who knows Make, they’re still going to need a lot explained to them. My industry is subject to regulations and I’m going to have to create some kind of manual on how everything works.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an option to create documentation for scenarios?

I see there is an export blueprint/json option, but I’d love an export to Word (or similar) option. It would lay everything out nicely, with images of the modules and explanations of what they do. There would be space to add in information specific to the apps being used ( in my case). Uniform layouts would make a table of contents easy to create.

What do others think of this?


Hi @CarlaK,
you are 100% right! It’s the same for me at my company and I’d love to have a detailed documentation “automatically” :smiley:

At the same time I think that the workflow with the modules it self is already kind of beautiful and somewhat self-explanatory. How would a program now what the cell means I fetch from a google sheet? I guess that that’s an information I have to write down manually.

Why do I query this thing and do this? That it happens, is visible through the module. Why it happens is up to me to describe🙈

Are your thoughts the same or were they going into another direction?

Heya @CarlaK welcome to the community :wave:

Not sure how much of a Captain Obvious I am being here but there’s an option to rename your modules so that the actions they represent are less abstract. You could also add notes in which you could explain what’s going on and how it’s achieved

If this is not exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to log your suggestion to our Idea Exchange :blush:

Hi @Richard_Johannes,

Yes that’s pretty much what I mean. I was going through my Monday Integrations and adding descriptions to say which Scenario was being triggered since “When something happens send a webhook” wasn’t particularly informative. I’ve now numbered the 7 scenarios I have so far for easy reference.

Most of my Scenarios are only interacting with, so in just one scenario there’s a lot of Modules that do similar things but on different items and different boards. I’ve started a Word document explaining everything that happens, and found it difficult even for me to understand what I’ve done and why!

Thanks @Michaela, I hadn’t seen the renaming modules option. I had checked out the notes, but decided that I would probably forget they were there!

I think because there’s 2 (or more) sides to a scenario, not just what happens in Make but also what happens in the connected apps (Sending a webhook to Make for example), I feel like I have to make documentation that brings the logic of everything together.

I’ll pop a suggestion in the ideas exchange :slight_smile:


@CarlaK I love this question, I haven’t tried this out but it makes me wonder how much of the module ‘renames’ / ‘note taking’ is available via the make api? You could foreseeably use the api to generate written form documentation of a scenario that includes the notes and renaming of modules.

I have found the renaming of modules absolutely essential to maintaining the hundreds of scenarios I’ve built for different clients.

Could be a really cool way to present the documented information in a clean/clear format. But yes this is a huge hurdle for any org doing any technical work. Transfer of information.

Let me know if you try out the make api route to get the information

Thanks @timlittletech, I’ve already renamed most of my modules - it helps a lot!

It’s taking all my brain power to learn how to use Make and the Monday .com API, I don’t think I could take on another API right now! I’ll stick to pasting screen grabs in Word for the time being.