Export list of scenarios, track development in Make

Hi All,

I love Make and have developed lots and lots of useful scenarios over the past couple of years. I’m looking for a good way to maintain a database of information about my scenarios to facilitate maintenance and updates.

My initial question was: can I export a report of all the scenarios in my organization? I don’t think this feature exists, but some kind of more advanced built in reporting would be great.

In the past what I’ve done when I needed to do an audit of my account, is to manually create a table outside of Make with rows for each scenario and columns for whatever attributes I needed to track (e.g. what apps are connected, when it was last saved, etc.)

For one-off audits, these tables have been very useful but labor intensive, and I inevitably end up creating new scenarios and failing to update the database. It would be awesome if I could create a scenario to update the table that was triggered by events in make itself, such as “new scenario created”, “scenario saved”, etc.

  • Do any such “meta” features exist?
  • Are there any existing, related feature requests?
  • How have you approached this sort of documentation and maintenance?