Tracking scenario changes

We have a small team with multiple people creating, editing, adjusting scenarios etc. This ends up leading to a lot of back and forth to figure out what someone else changed within a scenario, and why.

Curious how different people approach this?

Hi @Nelson_Keating thanks a lot for raising this great question here in the community!

I’m tagging a couple of Make power users who may have interesting experience to share

@alex.newpath @Bjorn.drivn @Richard_Johannes @SebastianMertens

Hi @Nelson_Keating,
that’s indeed a great question and I’m sure people & teams handle it differently.

Version history, seeing what was changed and why, is something we also don’t really do in Make but it would be really great! :smiley:

Our general approach:
We usually try to have mostly one person who is mainly working in a scenario.
If it’s an incoming webhook and 10 different things should happen, we try to spread it into multiple sub-scenarios so a mistake in a sub-scenario does not stop everything else.
We also try to name the modules & filters as good as possible so you get a good grasp on what’s going on immediately. Also when working with GoogleSheets we try to put the link to the sheet in the notes of a module so you can easily jump into it.

Would be interested to hear how you approach this @Nelson_Keating ! :slight_smile:


@Michaela thx for tagging! :slight_smile: