🎉 5k+ Makers Under the Community Roof

Hey Makers :wave:

We made it to 5k+ members!

We’ve come a long way since we launched the Make Community and it’s all thanks to your enthusiasm and support :raised_hands:

It’s truly amazing to see the community grow and thrive :potted_plant:

Let’s take a moment to reflect on a few awesome things that we’ve witnessed

:calling: We publish a roundup of the latest apps and modules released on Make in #monthly-app-digest

:nerd_face: We swap tips and hacks that help improve our collective knowledge of Make. Pointing out a few:

:teacher: We have a bunch of guides to help you when learning how to navigate functions on Make:

:teacher: We also have a guide on getting started with ChatGPT on Make

:bulb: We featured 20 stories of automation and brilliance in our #make-it-happen series.

:speech_balloon: we chatted about David’s podcast making it to the top charts of Spotify thanks to Make

:rocket: We learned about a whole bunch of product updates and feature launches in #product-updates

:kitty: On a lighter note, we introduced a whole gang of pets that bring joy to our lives:

On a personal note

:star2: I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to all our wonderful Community Leaders :star2:


You’ve been with us since the very beginning and you helped shape the community into the space it is now :clap:

Thank you for your passion, hard work, and dedication. We are incredibly grateful to have you :purple_heart:

A big thanks also go to a whole bunch of folks who help make the community a better place by being a part of it.


Thank y’all for spending time with us and bringing your knowledge into the community :pray:

Let’s raise a virtual glass to the amazing community we have built together.

Here’s to 5,000+ members and beyond! :clinking_glasses: