🏡 Make Community Roundup: March 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re rocking in the community.
Let’s shout-out to our most active members from last month and highlight some of the recent updates and info that’s been shared :sunglasses:

:star2: Wanna know who’s been crushing it at lending a helping hand in our community over the past month? it’s none other than

:1st_place_medal: @Manish_GrowwStacks
:2nd_place_medal: @Wemakefuture
:3rd_place_medal: @Runcorn

honorary mentions for this month: @Mohamed_Jahar @Bjorn.drivn

The community wouldn’t be the same without you, keep being awesome! :clap:

:seedling: Newcomers making a splash! A big shout-out to @Runcorn and @ChrisWithFinc3 for the outstanding contributions in their first month in the community! You’re amazing, keep up the good work! :clap:

:white_check_mark: Last month, we had community members who brought their A-game and shared some juicy solutions with us. Every contribution helps make our community stronger and we appreciate your work. :clap:

:person_climbing: Hey, you’re crushing it! We love seeing you climb that community ladder and consistently contribute to the group. Congrats @aidy @vantage @Lydia on getting the Junior Maker status! :clap:

:calling: App Info & Updates

Airtable Airtable OAuth Available on Make
Etsy App Update: Etsy
Google Forms App Update: Google Forms
Make mobile app Updating the Make Mobile App
OpenAI ChatGPT App Update: OpenAI ChatGPT App Update: OpenAI ChatGPT Supporting GPT-4 Models
Toggl App Update: Toggl

:bulb: Tips

How to round a number to its next integer
How to make a scenario run on specific days at specific intervals
Module numbers missing in my scenario?

:100: Worth Checking Out

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