🔥 App Update: OpenAI ChatGPT Supporting GPT-4 models

Hey Makers :wave:

:tada: We are stoked to announce that we’ve released an update to our OpenAI app - supporting GPT-4 models! :tada:

The app now offers the option to create a completion :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Please note that the connected account has to have access to GPT-4 API in order to be able to use the GPT-4 models.

If you do not have access to the GPT-4 models, please join the waitlist to get access when capacity is available.

Helpful Links:

:make: OpenAI on Make
:make: Open AI article in Help Center

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Hi Michaela, i still don’t see the option, i am in Chatgpt-4 waitlist since 14 of march, can it be that i don’t still have access to GPT-4 API?

Even though I have access to the GPT-4 API, I also can’t select GPT-4 models.

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I also have gpt4 access but no ability to select in make. Any fix @Michaela ?

Hey @Dan1 thanks for the question!

These models load dynamically based on your connection. In other words, you need to make sure that you created a connection that has permission to use these models.

If you’ve already created a connection that has permission to use these models, then it may be worth reaching out to the OpenAI team for further assistance.

Confirming I do have GPT4 access in the playground and also API access on that account. Have sent a Q to GPT team but might be work considering anything on the make side? because all other models work well

Any update on this? I too have GPT4 access in playground, API and am able to access it with other services (Zapier for example) but it’s not showing up for me either.

I got this to work.

I created a new connect using both the API key and the Organization ID.

You can only use GPT4 for Chat Completions.

I followed Anthny tip, but I can’t choose chatgpt4 even I have chatgpt plus and added my company id and api

Guys, you don’t need to generate a new api key or connection. You need to create a CHAT completion and not a PROMPT completion. Your rights to get access to the GPT4 models automatically updates.


is it possible to make gpt-4-32k available?

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You have to buy “new” credits if you want to use GPT4. You can only use GTP3.5 with the free 5$ credit that you receive when you create the API account.


I have Chat GPT paid version but still cannot see GPT-4 option. I’m testing Make in Free version.

any heads up

If you’ve never paid a single cent in the OpenAI Developer Platform (not ChatGPT), you won’t have access to GPT-4 in that dropdown list. ChatGPT is NOT the same as GPT-4.

You can purchase credits to get access to additional models here on this page: Billing settings

For more information, see Can’t connect to GPT 4