🏡 Make Community Roundup: July 2023 [CR]

Hey Makers :wave:

Another month another update on our community. Let’s dive into it without further ado :ocean:

:mount_fuji: Interested in this month’s winners regarding activity, providing solutions, and supporting the community? Let’s pay our tribute to:

:1st_place_medal: @Runcorn
:2nd_place_medal: @Msquare_Automation
:3rd_place_medal: @Donald_Mitchell

We can’t forget to mention: @Bjorn.drivn and @JohnSultant

Great job people! :clap:

:people_hugging: After joining the community you instantly bring valuable insights and ideas. A big thank you goes to: @Tay888. Keep up the awesome work!

:dart: Let’s continue with pointing out the peeps who gave their maximum to help our community do better. Sharing and exchanging knowledge helps us to grow into a stronger community space. We appreciate you coming back here. :pray:

  • Great job you guys! :muscle: Giving somebody your first solution is an important step in the community journey. The Solved! award goes to @Thomas_Gaillard , @julien_level , @ChrisHT

  • I see that you know your way around Make and therefore can easily share your knowledge and ideas with us. It’s great that you already gave us 10 solutions @Msquare_Automation. We are looking forward to finding out what you’ll bring us next :eyes: .

  • The final hype-up for the solution-givers goes to @Runcorn for sharing his incredible 150 solutions! Wow, we are truly speechless. It is incredible how much work have you invested in helping the community. Thank you a thousand times :pray:

:roller_coaster: You’re rocking it! We love to see that you joined us on this rollercoaster of experience. Congratulations to @onurbolaca , @RogerM , @DimitrisGoudis for earning the status of Junior Maker. Thank you for coming back to the community and for being eager to learn and chat with us. We value your input.

On a slightly different note, we’d love to read any funny or interesting vacation stories you experienced so far. :palm_tree:

Let me kick off by telling you how I got stuck on a plane in Bucharest. My mom, sister, and I were on our way back from Cyprus where we visited a family friend. The plane ride would normally take around three hours and we were leaving around 10:30 pm. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible and apart from rain and wind, there was even a storm. :tornado:

We were above Serbia and Belgrade when the flight attendant started speaking to us. Another important detail is that we flew to Poland so the whole plane had a Polish crew. It would have been completely fine if we knew how to speak Polish. However, we don’t. So when we heard this lady speaking Polish, the only thing we understood was the word ‘Bucharest’. The plane started to go down and we happened to land in Romania. At this point, the plane had been delayed for over an hour and it was around midnight. :yawning_face:

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the storm was finally over and we could take off again. The arrival at Katowice was only two and a half hours delayed. With puffy tired eyes and empty stomachs, we came back to our house around five in the morning. But we were okay and happy to sleep in our own beds. :sleeping:

Thank you for reading this roundup last month! Congratulations to everybody who made their place on the Leaderboard or received a badge. Keep up the great work folks! :muscle:

Also, what kind of a July 2023 summary post this would be without a Barbenheimer reference, right?


As a final bit, let’s explore some helpful posts published in the community during July:

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:100: Worth Checking Out

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Hey @vendy happy Friday :sunny:

Will you look at how many things happened in July?! Given the fact that so many folks are vacationing, I think that’s a pretty packed list.

Thanks for summarizing all the cool content and for giving a round of applause to all the great people of the Make community.

Not sure if funny or interesting but here comes.

I was on holiday ca a month ago. We went to a beautiful mountain region in the Czech Republic. Small villages, forests, cows, all of that. It was truly magical and we had a great time.

We spent most of our days hiking. Always super prepared with maps, water bottles, and a solid idea of where the restaurants were along our route. This was crucial for those much-needed refreshment breaks. And so we hiked and hiked and every single restaurant that we ever came to was unexpectedly closed for maintenance :laughing: :cry: Talk about bad luck.

Fortunately, we stumbled upon one place that remained open consistently. As a result, we found ourselves there every single day for dinner, leaving quite a bit of money behind in the process, haha.


We are deeply grateful to Make for this recognition and appreciation. This achievement highlights the power of partnership and underscores the importance of working together to achieve remarkable results.

We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aiswarya and Kishan Sankar who’s relentless commitment and innovative thinking played a pivotal role in reaching this milestone✨