🟣 LinkedIn and Make: Reliably Powering Growth for Celonis

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Come check out one of our latest blog stories!
It talks about Celonis, the global execution management leader, tackling their lead management challenges and finding a game-changer solution in LinkedIn and Make.

Imagine reducing your cost per lead while simultaneously handling a higher volume of leads. That’s exactly what happened when Celonis discovered the power of Make. :boom:

With Make’s seamless integration with LinkedIn Ads, they standardized their campaigns and experienced a 50% increase in leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Curious to dive deeper into the story? Head over to our blog post and get the full scoop. :female_detective:

Helpful Resources:

:make: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms on Make
:make: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms - Events on Make

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Amazing! :star_struck:

This is such an interesting and inspiring story. Feels great to know how Make helps and boosts other companies!

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