🟣 Leads Lifecycle Automation with LinkedIn & Make

Hey Makers :wave:

Looking for ways to make your lead pipeline more efficient? :mag_right:

:dart: Imagine you could target only the people who are most likely to want or need your product or service. With relevant, qualified leads, advertisers and sales teams like yours can make better use of their budgets and see better ROI for their efforts.

:brain: In this webinar, our experts will show you a simple use case that demonstrates the capabilities of LinkedIn and Make.

:white_check_mark: Discover how to automate your lead lifecycle to improve the efficiency of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns without any need for manual updates.

We’ll also cover everything you need to know about:

  • Retrieving hot leads from LinkedIn as soon as lead gen forms are submitted by your prospects
  • Keeping your LinkedIn audiences in sync with your first-party data (for example, to create foundations for your lookalike audiences)
  • Pushing conversions back to LinkedIn from your internal systems to feed optimization algorithms for improved bidding
  • Reporting results of your LinkedIn Ads efforts

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