🏡 Make Community Roundup: June 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

Let’s take a look on what was happening in our community village over the past month. We should celebrate all of our active members and bring to light some interesting and way-leading topics and solutions. :houses:

:star2: Wondering who’s been absolutely crushing it in helping and supporting the community over the past month? Let’s give a round of applause to:

:1st_place_medal: @Runcorn
:2nd_place_medal: @Manish_GrowwStacks
:3rd_place_medal: @DK1

Honorary mentions go to: @JohnSultant and @Bjorn.drivn

Keep up the amazing work!

:seedling: These newbies are already making some noise! Let’s give a huge shout-out to @Quintin_Pearson and @Automate_with_Rezwan for their outstanding performance in just their first month in the community! :clap:

:white_check_mark: Last month, we had community members who brought their A-game and shared some head-turning solutions with us. Remember, every contribution matters and helps our community in becoming stronger, so we appreciate your work. :muscle:

:person_climbing: Woah, you’re owning it! We love to see you flourishing and constantly keeping our community garden clean and beautiful. Congratulation to @Thomas_de_Beauchene , @Fasil , @Matthew_Sabia , @German , @Donald_Mitchell , @StacieJTM , @JJLL323 , @Michass , @JohnSultant on getting the Junior Maker status :hibiscus:.

:rocket: App & Product Updates

App Spotlight Salesloft
App Spotlight Gong
Releases Releases on Make June 2023

:bulb: Tremendous Tips

Webflow automation snags you might run into
How to Create a Make API Key
Accessing Workday ERP using bearer token
Bring your user generated content to life with Shotstack and Make
Overcoming invalid module output error
Associate ConvertKit Subs with their CRM IDs

:robot: AI Madness

Guess which modules are missing from this process? OpenAI + Google Ads
3 Automations Using ChatGPT

:100: Worth Checking Out

How to manage warranty programs with automation
Gamifying Environmental Awarness through Automation
Migrated Webhooks -list all your Integromat and Make URLs in 2min
A Case Study - Streamlining Payouts with ManyChat-Paypal Integration
LinkedIn & Make - Reliably Powering Growth for Celonis
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Thanks so much for the neat summary @vendy :purple_heart:

And thanks to everyone who has been keeping the community awesome. The forum would be a much sadder place without you all!

No pressure (ok a little bit of pressure :sweat_smile: ) but take a moment to browse the content Vendy so carefully picked out. There are some true gems listed in there! :gem:

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