Bring your user generated content to life with Shotstack and Make

This is a great example for people who run events, attractions, concerts, festivals, hotels/resorts or anyone who has customers that create a lot of photos/video of their product or service.

Below is the demo we (Shotstack) created for an event recently in Las Vegas. We wanted to give all event attendees the opportunity to create their own highlights video of their time in Las Vegas - whether that was the professional outlook from the exhibition or the fun they had on the Strip.

The videos they created looked like this -

The fun one:

The work one:

And this is how we did it using Shotstack, Google Forms and Make.

  1. We created our video template with Shotstack
  2. We created a Google Form where event attendees could upload their images, add captions, select their soundtrack and give the video a name
  3. The Make scenario then linked the Google Form with Shotstack to automatically create the video and we then sent the event attendee an email with a link to their personalised video that they could share on social media or on other channels

Attendees could create as many videos as they wanted. They accessed the Google form by scanning a QR code. It’s a great example of how you can engage with an audience to create a memorable moment for them, and at the same time increase your brand awareness or even revenue by providing new sponsorship opportunities.

Here is a quick video overview of how it all came together:

Would love to know what you think and any ideas on how you could use something like this in your organisation to increase engagement and awareness.


Hello @Debbie_Gainsford how incredibly lovely to hear from you after a while :blush:

And wow, what a fantastic use case! I love how even three-module scenarios can deliver so much value. I’m sure the event attendees must’ve totally loved this!

Thanks for continuously coming back to the community and for teaching us about the cool things we can do with Make and Shotstack :muscle:

Keep up the great work :clap:

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