3 Automations Using ChatGPT

Hey everyone!

I made a simple video on a few ways I’m using Make and ChatGPT. This might help you if you’re interested in some clever ways to leverage AI in your automations.

3 INSANE AI Automations Using Make & ChatGPT

Any feedback is appreciated!


Hello there @Gavint welcome to the community :wave:

Oh and look at what exciting stuff you’re bringing in with you! There’s never enough Make <> ChatGPT content, that’s for sure :make: :robot:

Thank you so much for sharing your video with the Make Community and great job putting it together! This is super helpful and valuable :raised_hands:

For anyone browsing, I’d just like to add that Gavin covers these three cool use cases in the video:

  • Creating SM content from a website
  • Analysing sentiment
  • Identifying the right leads

Thank you Michaela! I am very grateful for this product and community. While I just made an account now, some of these discussion boards have saved me ENDLESS hours when automating.

Looking forward to sharing more of my automations!!


Ace work @Gavint, please keep sharing!


It’s truly fantastic to hear that the community has been a helpful resource for your automation adventures :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the great things you’ll build :nerd_face:

Great stuff. I commented on your youtube video too. I think we should have a conversation.

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Thank you! Appreciate the support.

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Hey man, thanks for that. Glad to talk!

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