💪 Using OpenAI on Make

Hey Makers :wave:

A couple of days ago, we announced that we released an OpenAI app on Make.
see: 🔥 App Spotlight: OpenAI on Make

:nerd_face: Folks all around the globe are genuinely stoked about this. And for all the good reasons.

:muscle: That’s why I thought I’d create a thread for the community to share OpenAI + Make

  • how-to’s
  • tips/tricks/hacks
  • conversations

I’m gonna go ahead and start with a couple of videos

:one: First of all, I’d like to mention Max van Collenburgh’s video (and thanks @IainM for bringing my attention to it!).

In the video, Max explains how he built a scenario that

  • watches his website for new articles published
  • writes a Tweet for each new article
  • publishes the tweet on Twitter

:two: Second of all, let me share this video by Andrew Forte where he described his scenario that

  • summarizes transcripts of his YouTube videos into paragraphs
  • uses these paragraphs as the descriptions of said YouTube videos
  • uses text-to-speech in order to send himself a matching audio file

:exploding_head: The videos give great examples of the countless mind-boggling things you can do when automating AI with Make.

If you stumble upon similar content or if you’re actually building something with OpenAI and Make, feel free to let us know in this thread :arrow_down:


Hey automation enthusiasts :wave:
Just wanted to step in with a couple of new resources I discovered.

  • Alex created a video :arrow_down: in which he shows how to automatically tweet summaries of his video transcripts. It’s a great intro to using AI to automate and power your workflows.

As soon as I bump into more of these, I’ll make sure to share them here. Feel free to do the same :slight_smile:


Hey folks!

A new bit I found on using OpenAI on Make :nerd_face:

Check out Gareth automating his SM posts :arrow_down:

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Aaaaaand another piece I bumped into.