Anyone offer freelance services to help build an app?

I’m trying to build automated bots for a specific industry and wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for a “Maker” that could do a good job for this, sorry if this isn’t in the right place.

I am well versed in the use and training of GPT AI, including prompt engineering, etc and ultimately what different bots I want, why I want them, etc.

My focus is finding someone who can help me integrate the bots with my memberstack website, and integrate the bots with additional steps prior to content creation to improve the outputs.

I’ve looked into using both a native API integration with OpenAI to do this, and building it using BotBuddy.

I’m not a start up and have a few thousand dollars budget for this if anyone can recommend someone who can deliver

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Hello @Lordshua and welcome!

There is a dedicated category for such requests so I went ahead and moved this over to Solution Exchange Professional Services.

Just out of curiosity, do you plan on using Make at any point in this project?
Either way, I hope you can find some help or someone that knows some other places to find some great help!


Hi @lordshua,

Maybe I can help…

I have been a partner (and formerly Integromat partner) for years now, and I like to set up innovative systems around automation and AI formy clients.
(My partner page:

One of my current projects around “GPT &” probably has some resemblances with your project:
For a client, I am setting up an automation with and ChatGPT 4,
with an Airtable admin-friendly interface,
that implements linear sets of prompts + looping prompts in order to write full novels.
The prompts and loopings use specific writing and structuring techniques.
That client does 90% of the prompts and I do 90% of the automations, in this particular case.

Back to your Project regarding Memberstack & bots, I suppose that the first step would be to determine/confirm the tech tools to use - and then, comes the implementation phase.

Would you like that we further discuss your specific automation project to contribute to your Membership activity - or not for now?

AI + automation = winner :- )

Best regards,

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