🏡 Make Community Roundup: May 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

Here’s a quick update on how the wheels are turning in the community.
Let’s celebrate our most active members from last month and highlight some of the recent updates and info that’s been shared :sunglasses:

:star2: Wonder who’s been an absolute powerhouse in supporting the community over the past month? These Makers have been running the extra mile to make an impact.

:1st_place_medal: @Runcorn
:2nd_place_medal: @Loopz
:3rd_place_medal: @DavidGurr_Make

May honorary mentions go to: @Simo, @Anonymax

The community wouldn’t be the same without you, keep being awesome! :clap:

:seedling: These newbies are already standing out! A big shout-out goes to @make_it_great and @Pro_Tanvee for the outstanding contributions in their first month in the community! You’re amazing, keep up the good work! :clap:

:white_check_mark: Last month, a whole bunch of Makers brought their A-game as well as some juicy solutions to the community. Each contribution matters, and we’re truly grateful for your work. :clap:

:person_climbing: You’re totally rocking it! We love seeing you climb that community ladder and consistently contribute to the group. Congrats @AndyDaSilva52, @Robert_McKay, @TediaConsulting, @pixeljetter, @Anonymax, @Tom_Hudock, @Funkenwerfer, @Loopz, and @Lloyd_Johnson on getting the Junior Maker status! :clap:

:robot: AI Madness

Balt: Automate everyday tasks with Levity AI
Gavint: 3 Automations Using ChatGPT
Debbie: Using Make and Shotstack to Automatically Create Thousands of Bespoke Videos in Minutes
Francisco: Day 1/9 - Generate descriptions for your YouTube videos
Francisco: Day 2/9 - Create a tweet quoting another tweet using GPT-4
Francisco: Day 3/9 Create eye-catching and effective tweets to promote your blog
Francisco: Day 4/9 - Create a Twitter thread based on an blog post
Francisco: Day 5/9 - Automate the product listing in WooCommerce
Francisco: Day 6/9 - Automatic responses in Google My Business with Make and OpenAI GPT4
Francisco: Day 7/9 - Create attractive and effective Google Ads with Make and OpenAI GPT4
Francisco: Day 8/9 - Turn your videos into WordPress articles with Make and OpenAI GPT4
Francisco: Day 9/9 - Extract data from a document with Make and OpenAI GPT 4

:rocket: App & Product Updates

App Spotlight New Sage Business Cloud Accounting App on Make
Feature Spotlight Extra Operations Auto-Purchasing
Releases Modules Released in May 2023
Webinar Replay Leads Lifecycle Automation with LinkedIn & Make

:bulb: Tiny Tips

How to use Make to change a name of an item if a condition is met
How to reverse the value of a boolean from "true" to "false" if it currently returns "true"

:100: Worth Checking Out

How to automate payment processes with Xero, Monday & Make
How to automate customer service with Make, Jira, and ChatGPT
Automatically create Google Calendar invite for members of a Slack channel
Can Automation Help Solve Climate Change?
Automating processes of a food Ecommerce
Scenario Hack: Preventing Maximum Execution Time & Rate-Limiting (Using Queues)