Day 5/9 - Automate the product listing in WooCommerce

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Automate the product listing in WooCommerce

Tired of spending hours creating product descriptions for your online store?

Imagine automatically creating detailed product descriptions and compelling titles without having to do it manually. With Make and OpenAI GPT4, you can do just that.

Enter basic product information, and the system will automatically generate a detailed description and catchy title for the product.

With Make and OpenAI with the GPT4 model, you can automate product listing in WooCommerce and simplify your sales process.

Here I show you how to do it with Make and OpenAI

  • We search WooCommerce for products of a category.
  • We get the text from the HTML of each product sheet.
  • We run a prompt using GPT4 to create a new description.
  • Convert the output to HTML
  • We update each of the products.

In addition, with the automation of the product file, you can save valuable time that you can dedicate to other areas of your business.
Spend your time on important activities like marketing and customer service.

Save time and sell more with Make and OpenAI GPT4!

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