Why my Woocommerce + OpenAI Integration does not work?

Hello !

I am trying to make an automation between Woocommerce and Open AI. The aim of that workflow is that :

1/ Woocommerce watch product
2/ Open AI generates a description based on the title of my product
3/ Woocommerce updates the product : The description of my product is updated.

But, the workflow stops at step 1. I dunno why.

Can somebody help me ?

Here is a video of my workflow : https://youtu.be/fcHt9TbJ_mU

Thank you for your help !

Hii Jean-Mathieu_Berthel,

I have checked your video, To solve your issue please check below loom.

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Msquare Support

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To troubleshoot

  1. Check the configuration of the “Watch Product” module in Woocommerce and ensure it’s properly connected to your store.
  2. Confirm that you’ve set the correct trigger for the event you want to monitor, like product updates.
  3. Review the settings in the “Generate Description” module with Open AI. Make sure it receives the right input and maps the output correctly.
  4. Verify the connection between Woocommerce and Open AI, ensuring proper authorization and integration setup.
  5. Double-check the field mapping in the “Update Product” module to ensure the description field is correctly configured.
  6. Test the workflow by manually changing a product and observing any error messages or notifications in Make.com.
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