Connect Woocommerce and Make

Hi! I am trying to connect Woocommerce and Make so it finds when I update an order and change it from processing to completed and triggers. I don´t know why I am not getting any response even I play the scenario. Any hint?

First, let’s double-check a few things. Ensure that your scenario is configured correctly and that you’ve connected both the Woocommerce and Make modules. Verify that the event “Order Updated” is set to detect changes from “processing” to “completed.” Also, confirm that you’ve mapped the necessary fields for the subsequent action in Make.
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Hi Pro_Tanvee, thanks for your response.

I checked the connection between Woocommerce and Make and it seems to be ok. When I create the connection, if there is any problem, it says so, but I don’t get any error message. The second verification is that the evento “Order Updated” os set to detect changes from “processing” to “completed”. I actually don’t know how to do this. I am just adding the trigger “New Event” and setting it up as “Order Updated” and as far as I understand, it should triggers every time there is an order update. Am I wrong and I have to add other settings for the scenario to work?