Update Order Status changes from WooCommerce to MS-Excel

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently facing challenges in creating a scenario on Make.com and would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you in advance for your help!

I have created a scenario that adds new orders created in WooCommerce to a Microsoft Excel 365 spreadsheet which is working fine.

Now, I’m trying to set up a workflow where the status of WooCommerce orders is automatically updated in that Microsoft Excel 365 spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, I have a list of orders with their respective Order IDs and the latest statuses of each order.

The goal is to ensure that whenever an order status is changed in WooCommerce, the scenario should locate the corresponding order in the MS-Excel Sheet list and update its status there too.

If anyone has experience with this and can offer guidance on how to achieve this, I would be extremely grateful for your help!


Hey there!

The “a bit” challenging part here is that there is no “Search” module in Excel where we can search for that specific value in that sheet unlike the Google Sheets app which has the Search rows module.

1.) Try to use the WooCommerce Watch Events module then you might need to then add a filter to it. Test the Trigger’s output first by sending a sample data that shows “update” as the event and if it’s specific to an order.

2.) The next module would then be the WooCommerce Get an Order module where you need to map the Object ID from the trigger. This way, you can grab more information/details about that order, especially the status.

(Search rows workaround for Excel part)

3.) Add an Excel List worksheet rows module and be sure to select the correct sheet.

4.) Then add an Array Aggregator module select the List Sheets as the Source and then the aggregated fields that you need to select is the Row and ID.

After this you you need to have 3 Set Variable modules.

5.) Set Variable 1 - should look like this:

6.) Set Variable 2

7.) Set Variable 3

8.) Then add a filter:

9.) Finally the Update a worksheet row module, in the Row ID field, set it up like this below so that it will update the specific rows in your sheet:

Thank you so much, Jogger_Meister
Wow. It looks complicated. Will try it.
Once again, thanks :blush: