Automatic Order Status Change Import (WooCommerce+Google Sheets)

Hello , So I want to automatically import a new row of data with order information from woocommerce to my google sheets sheet if order status gets modified/changed from any to ‘‘processing’’.

As of right now I have 2 scenarios that Ive made to make this automation work. Problem is that every modified order I get, I have to import myself by using any order info.

So I have this scenario.

Which basically notifies me every time where there has been any change in order status and adds a new row of the data of the order ID in a new google sheets page, so I can take that order ID and insert it in my other scenario and add it to my main google sheets sheet where all of the ‘‘processing’’ orders are located.

This is the Scenario where I put in my order number from the first scenario and that way I import orders that had their status changed to processing at any time.

My question is - can I maybe somehow connect these 2 scenarios and make this fully automatic, so I dont have to do extra tasks every time?

So it seems like the first scenario that adds a row to GSheet on order update event, is redundant. You can just have the Woo > New Event as your first initial module in your second scenario, which then uses info from within that event to search for an order, and run the rest of the flow as is already setup.

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But how would it solve the problem if the ‘‘new event’’ trigger is responding to every order that is coming in, not only the ones that have their order status changed to ‘‘processed’’?

Use a filter on the connection from the Event to the Search, that looks at the status = “processing”.

Then, any event that doesn’t match that filter is ignored. Only ones that match the filter rule will go on through to the next module.

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Yeah I would love to implement that filter but there is no option form available options there.
I cant choose ‘‘order status’’ map from the available ones for the filter condition

I think you can just do that on the Woocommerce end. If you set the Webhook topic to Order Updated, you should see Action Event appear, and be able to select something like woocommerce_order_status_processing

Then your webhook will only trigger when the order has changed to processing status.


didnt quite get what u mean by that, could you explain more in detail please

When you setup the Webhook in Woocommerce, you get to pick the Topic (in this case, you have one set to Order Updated). After you pick Order Updated, a second sub-menu appears, to pick Action Event. You should pick the one that says something like “woocommerce_order_status_processing”

Then, only order events where the order changes to Processing status, will send data to the webhook, so then you don’t have to filter anything, and you can feed that directly into the start of the 2nd Scenario above.

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After I Choose Order updated, I dont get a second sub-menu anywhere D:

@Veins_Seleckis After the webhook event, you probably have to use a “Get Order” to check the status. Then filter to only continue if its processing.

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