Automatically add a new row if order status gets changed to ''processing''

Right now I have added 2 modules (Woocommerce trigger - watch orders and Google sheets - add a row) Problem is that existing orders whose order statuses get changed from ‘‘on hold’’ or ‘‘pending’’ dont get changed to processed so there are missing orders in my google sheets from the past.

I want to create an automatisation for this process:

Every time when an existing order status from woocommerce gets changed form either ‘‘pending’’ or ‘‘on hold’’ to ‘’‘processing’’ import a new row of data from order info into google sheets sheet1.

Hi @Veins_Seleckis,

What do the Watch Orders do? Are you listening only to orders created or something like that in there?

What you can do is, Either have a separate scenario that will listen for Order Updated and then do the same, and now instead of adding rows to the Google sheet it will first search for if an order exists. If it does it will update that or add a new row.

I need to check WooCommerce Module, Maybe you can use the WatchOrders for both Created and Updated event, that way you don’t have to create a new scenario.


Right now I have watch orders module, which will only add new rows to the google sheet, if order status for the new upcoming orders are ‘‘processed’’ (paid). I want to add this option that if any of already existing order status gets changed to ‘‘processed’’ , it will add a new row to the sheets with the data I Selected.

Heya @Veins_Seleckis welcome to the community :wave:

I’m just stepping in to let you know that we community folks cannot access your scenarios.

For us to better understand the challenge you’re facing, could you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your Make scenario , along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

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Noted! Thanks.
Will add screenshots of current progress.

For this, What you can do is instead of Watch Orders, you can use Watch Events if that works for you.

Which should provide you with multiple events to use i.e created, updated or others as required. Not sure on this, but you can check on your own and see if you can select multiple events.

After which, You can add a Search Rows module in GSheet to search if order number already exists. Add a router(Under Flow Module) and check if Gheets is empty, create a new row else update the row.

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This is the module I was using for the Order ID / Unique product problem. . But I think I should create a new module for this status updating cause. This one which can be visible in the photo (with Watch Orders Module) will be good for every new order, it will be beautifully importing data in gsheets after every new order with ‘‘processing’’ status . Now have to figure out how to get already exiting orders into gsheets in case if client does make the payment and order status gets updated from ‘‘on hold’’ or ‘‘pending’’ to processing.