Add existing orders to google sheets new row in case if order status gets changed in woo commerce order page

So I would like to achieve this:
if an order (from already existing orders in woo commerce page, that have order status as either “on hold” or “pending payment”) gets its order status changed (either manually or automatically, doesnt matter) from those 2 options (on hold or payment pending to “processed”, then import that order data to my google sheets new row. could you help me do it? It doenst have to do anything with the new orders, only if existing order gets modified. Everything for new orders has already been set up.
As for right now I have only scenario for new orders to be imported if order status is ‘‘processed’’

Hi @Veins_Seleckis,

By this do you mean to sync existing data or will it be an ongoing process to track HOLD or PENDING transactions being move to Processed?

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