Add Upcoming WooCommerce Order Notes To My Google Sheets Automatically

I have this scenario, where everything is working, but Im facing one issue.
I want my customer order notes (which contain tracking numbers) to be added to my google sheets automatically when the tracking number is assigned to an order and its entered in order notes.
Right now, when I get new order, I can automatically add a row with all the data about the order to my google sheets, but the tracking number is always added later (approx 1d after order has been placed)
So my question is how could I automatically get my tracking number added to the desired cell when it gets added to my order notes from inventory side?

You can update the order in at the end of this scenario where you would add the row number from the Sheet. Then you will create a 2nd scenario that will process the updated order once there is a tracking number. The order would already contain the row number so you would use in the 2nd scenario the “Update a Row” module to update the column for “Tracking number”.