Transfer WooCommerce orders to a Google Sheet

Hello! I appreciate the help you can give me regarding a problem I have had with my Woocommerce scenario with Google Sheets.

For more than a year I had an automation in operation to transfer my Woocommerce orders to a Google Sheet and thus see some data more quickly. The scenario worked correctly until June 5, which showed the data 500 error (Attached image 1).

I made several revisions on my part, including reconnecting Make with Woocommerce, modifying the values ​​that would be inserted in the cells, I even went so far as to delete and redo the scenario, however nothing worked. At one point I saw that there was apparently a new version of the Woocommerce Watch Order module and I used it. The issue is that although it no longer shows an error, it does not perform the action it should because the sequence starts and ends without showing changes.

I did everything in that scenario, even trying with other spreadsheets and I think I identified a possible cause, and that is that the new Watch order module now includes a field that is Costumer ID that did not exist in the old module. I thought that ID was from the REST API shown in image 2.


However, after several attempts I noticed that I know I created a new line but it corresponded to the client on the website that has ID 8. Therefore, it is my opinion that now the module will only show the orders of specific clients and not all of the orders. like I used to do before.

My need is to see all the orders at the end of the day and have them transferred to the spreadsheet. I would like to know if anyone knows if what I said is correct or if I am wrong, and more importantly, how I can get the scenario working again as it was before.

Thank you very much in advance. (My language is Spanish and I used a translator for this consultation)


In most cases, error code 500 means that it’s a temporary server issue on the WooCommerce side which usually fixes itself. Can you please send me a screenshot of what that error looks like when you open that specific execution?

Try to add a Break error handler so that it will automatically retry once this error happens.

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