Day 2/9 - Create a tweet quoting another tweet using GPT-4

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Crea un tweet citando a otro tweet usando GPT-4

Create a tweet quoting another tweet using GPT-4

Do you want to increase your engagement on Twitter and stand out on the platform?

I have the perfect solution for you!
Use Make and OpenAI GPT4 to automatically generate tweets quoting other users to increase engagement on your account.

How does it work?

Search for a relevant tweet and this scenario will automatically generate a tweet quoting other Twitter users.

  1. A search is made on Twitter to find relevant tweets. We select a maximum of 10 tweets.
  2. We mix these ten tweets and randomly select one of them.
  3. We use the content of the selected tweet plus additional information in a GPT4 prompt
  4. We publish the tweet.


You will save time and effort in creating tweets, and you will be able to connect with other platform users.

Dont worry if youre not a Twitter expert; with Make and OpenAI GPT4, you can generate accurate and relevant tweets for your audience.

Try this Make with OpenAI today!

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